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Banana Container Fascination on Amazon

Amazon is selling the "Banana Bunker", which sounds pretty innocent, right? Yes, innocent it might sound, but it looks a bit less innocent. It's a simple plastic container to keep your bananas fresh and bruise-free, only some people don't talk about bananas here. The reviews are quite tongue-in-cheek funny and we can definitely see why.

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Let's talk about this. You know how you sometimes grab a banana on the go and throw it into your bag only to find a soft brown fruit when you are ready to enjoy it? Banana Bunker is here to help you avoid that, so what's the big deal?

You can buy this banana container on its U.S. website for $6.99 plus shipping charges. You can also buy it on Amazon after reading some very funny reviews, and plenty of them.

Some people write that the container definitely works, but men have hard time testing all the qualities because it's usually in the wife's lunch bag.

Others are a bit more subtle and recommend hiding it in the pantry instead of displaying the container on the kitchen counter, in case some unexpected visitors come over and have questions. And yes, it fits most bananas, albeit extra curvy ones might get the top and bottom edges bruised.

It's hard to not look for hidden messages in reviews about the size of bananas that can or can't fit in this container. According to Martin from Amazon, small bananas don't fit in it.

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The curves of the bananas also come into consideration for this container. Erik claims that it is made for left-curving fruits, and if you have right-curving fruit, you are in trouble.

Then there are those who are worried about bananas that are too big and can get injured in this container. We hope we are still talking about fruit here.

A few ladies marveled at the ribbed edges just in the right place for a perfect grip when a strong grip is needed. See what we are talking about?

Men, on the other hand, unanimously complain that they can't find this container anywhere in the kitchen and can't even test it out.

The tool has been lauded as a very pleasing and enjoyable tool for… bananas, no doubt. It can be a great gift for all your lady friends… to help them pack lunch, of course.

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Banana Bunker describes this tool a lot more seriously than its users: it's made with a sole purpose of protecting this delicate fruit from bruising while carrying it in backpacks, handbags, diaper bags, nap sacks, and brief cases. The container protects not only the banana, but the rest of the bag contents from the mushy banana, because who wants to have the sweet goodness on their books, phones, binders, and business documents?

From now on your hiking trips, day adventures, sports events, school breaks, and board meetings you will be safe from banana disasters and your taste buds will be satisfied with this tasty healthy treat. When you ready to snack, whip out the Banana Bunker with confidence and eat healthy!

The container comes in green, blue, orange, yellow, and clear, although some reviewers claim to have seen them in pink.